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Our Mission: Quality + Affordable AppSec

True Positives was founded by a team of expert AppSec professionals with over 3 decades of experience at leading security companies including @Stake, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Symantec, and Rapid7.

Our deep expertise of modern applications and industry challenges in application security drives our approach to delivering effective tools and customized solutions with unmatched reliability and affordability.

Why True Positives?

With well over 100 years of combined experience in application security, we are some of the original "AppSec Guys".


It's hard to know who to trust when everyone out there is calling themselves an "expert" but when we say we have experts - we mean it.

We are the founders, promoters, and creators of the tools and processes that secure the applications you use every day. Go ahead and Google all of us, we'll still be here. We've dedicated our lives to application security.

This is your chance to take advantage of our experience and innovations as your managed application security provider (MSSP).

application security service testimonial given by expert appsec leader
True Positives

“True Positives offers a robust and affordable one stop shop for managed AppSec services."

Dan Kuykendall — AppSec Industry Pioneer

Host of Dan on Dev Podcast |

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Don't wait for a breach. True Positives offers proactive app security at a price you can afford. Contact us for a free consultation plus vulnerability scan ($499).